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LearJet Ambulance - Aviation News - Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet NewsIn the U.S, we’re used to air ambulances being helicopters as major hospitals are now equipped with landing pads to transport those in dire need of medical care.

In Poland, they’re trying something different.

According to a recent announcement by Bombardier, Warsaw-based Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (LPR) has ordered two Learjet 75 Liberty light jets to be refurbished and turned into air ambulances in Poland. The jets will be converted in the Fargo Jet Center in North Dakota and Spectrum Aeromed will provide the medical equi [...]

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Miami Jet - Private Jet Broker - Private Jet Sales - Blue Angels - Blue Angels in SeattleSeattle is no stranger to hearing and seeing the Blue Angels soar through August skies. However, at the Boeing Seafair Air Show, one of the biggest differences happened on the ground instead of the sky.

The flight path over Lake Washington was moved south, leaving the I-90 floating bridge outside of the FAA’s “box” Safety Zone. This left traffic open and spectators could not stop on the bridge to watch the hour-long show, as they had been able to in previous years.

“Pedestrians and cyclists were able to access the bridge’s pathway for [...]

International travel has hit a slow down in light of the Coronavirus that began in Wuhan, China. Commercial airports are screening passengers for body temperature to try and contain the spread as more cases are found all over the world.

Business travel has also been affected, as some of the biggest aircraft manufacturers announced they will not be showing at the Singapore Airshow. Cessna, Beechcraft, Gulfstream, and Bombardier decided not to risk the health of their employees as coronavirus is highly contagious.

“In [...]

Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet News

Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport opened in April

The long-awaited structure is a dome made of glass and metal designed to connect three of the airports’ four terminals. The main attraction is the world’s largest indoor waterfall called the HSBC Rain Vortex.

Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet News

The airport is regularly voted the World’s Best and it got even better this year for all their passengers.

Busiest Aviation Day: Wednesday, July 24, 2019.
There was a world record of more than 225,000 f [...]

Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet News

Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet News

Wingly is a hybrid of the private aviation and ride-sharing industry that was founded 4 years ago by three Frenchmen: de Waziers, Bertrand Joab-Cornu, and Lars Klein. They aimed to capitalize on the massive growth in the sharing industry led by Airbnb and Uber by combing it with the aviation industry.

“The sharing economy has exploded,” continues de Waziers, “but the aviation industry has not seen this kind of growth yet.”

The aviation industry is experiencing an exciting time with emerging technologies. Pilots are able to sign up for free and g [...]


Very fine example of a Challenger 605 attractive features. Low time air frame and meticulous maintenance including ADSB compliance. Priced to sell quickly.

Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet News

Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet News

The private jet charter subsidiary of Delta has partnered for a minority stake in Wheel Up. Together, it now has 190 private plans and more than 8,000 customers.

Delta Private Jets functions separately from the commercial side of the business. It provides a variety of flights from short-range light jets to longer-range flights.

Wheels Up aim to make private jet access more efficient by providing seats on flights that would normally be empty from dropping off the last passenger and headed to pick up its next. The benefit of shared and private charters with wide availability and 24-hour notice.

According to Delta CEO Ed Bastian, the partnership is designed to

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Google Climate Summit - Climate Change - Jet News - Miami Jet - Green Private JetAs celebrities and activists from all over the world were hosted by Google in Sicily to focus on making decisions to combat climate change and its economic impacts. Recently Prince Harry released an idea for business and government to band together in fighting climate change. However, many people took his ideas with a grain of salt for the small fact that he arrived in a private jet. The media headline criticized those leaders for flying private jets to attend the conference. However, what are t [...]

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