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A few weeks ago, Bombardier announced a celebration of the success of one of business aviation’s most popular aircraft. In July 9th, it was stated that the mid-sized six-year-old business jet has had it’s 350th delivery, making it one of Bombardier’s best-selling jets. With an intercontinental range that can maintain itself well with even full fuel and eight passengers, it’s no wonder people love using this aircraft! According to statistics, as of May 31, 2020, the challenger 350 has accumulated “more than 648,000 flight hours and more than 383,000 landings.”

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It’s nice to be able to understand how a component of our lives work in more detail, as it gives us greater appreciation for its design, and gives us the autonomy of control over the things we own. While D.I.Y. is fairly niche, at the end of the day being more informed about something you use often is always a good thing! Here at Miami Jet, we’ll outline some questions some may have regarding Jet Maintenance and explain why exactly it’s important. Since Jet Engines tend to have fewer moving parts than other counterpart engines, there are still fundamentals that cause wear.

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Have you always wanted to be behind the wheel of an aircraft? Certified and able to soar in a jet at your control and enjoy that newfound freedom?

There’s no time like the present to start. We’re not going to lie it’s going to take hard work and dedication to become a professional pilot. Knowing your goals and being determined to achieve them is the number one thing you need, and look you’re already started.

Miami Jet - Aviation News - Pilot Career - Private Jet BrokerageLet’s start with the obvious question, what is a professional pilot?

There’s a misconception about the word ‘professional’ in the industry. For many aviators, a professional pilot is someone wo flies for airlines. Whereas others consider it to include anyone

One of the industries that have been greatly affected by the pandemic is the aviation industry, and this is mainly due to the decision of most countries to limit air travel and close their borders. Thankfully, things are finally looking up for the industry with the number of countries able to flatten the curve increasing by the day. The future looks even brighter for aviation businesses in Miami and here are some of the reasons why:

The existence of a federal stimulus package aimed at reviving the aviation industry

In order to help rebuild the airline industry, the federal government decided to include airports in their federal stimulus initiatives. Collectively, Florida airports are set to get nearly $900 million in federal stimulus money. Businesses within the Aviation industry are not the only ones who are expecting monetary assistance from the federal government. A great number of Florida counties are also allocating funds from the Coronavirus Aid,

We enjoy aviation and aircraft here, and to many others it’s deeply ingrained to their lifestyle and passions. The joys and fleeting feeling of flight offers an experience like none other, especially if you’re in control of your own freedom and destination. However, there are always risks when doing anything, and while people know the risks involved, it’s always good to find ways to mitigate these risks. Doing so ensures that we can enjoy our passions safely and make the world a better place in general.Choreo Electronics - Private Jet Brokerage - Miami Jet - Buy Private Jet


Choreo Electronics are aiming to reduce such risks involved with aviat [...]

Firnas Private is an executive aviation provider based in the UK. CEO Kazi Rahman provides his top 5 predictions for 2020.


Efficiency and flexibility in new sectors of private fight are allowing small and medium companies to use private air and support their bottom line. Cost-efficient aircrafts are able to land in remote locations resulting in decreased costs compared to commercial aircraft that require more stops to arrive at a destination.

New businesses are taking advantage by lowering the cost of seats on private aircrafts and optimizing ‘dead flights’ where a flight finishes dropping one passenger off and heads to pick another up. Charter jets are beginning to capitalize on this market and it’s predicted to grow this year as more passengers invest.

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Until you have successfully purchased 100 aircraft or more, utilizing the service of an Aircraft Buyer’s Agent will save you thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands for a turbine aircraft) and many hours of frustration. When aircraft owners come to us for the resale of their aircraft they are often disappointed to realize what the sale price will likely be. Turns out they overpaid when they bought the aircraft and did not consider the future maintenance or upgraded needed.The Buyer may be a highly experienced purchaser of equipment or real estate, but does not have the aircraft trade experience to negotiate the best price.Buyer seeks the assistance of their highly experienced CFI to help them find and purchase. The CFI did a great job on the test flight and delivery assistance of your aircraft. However, his/her lack of aircraft sale negotiating experience resulted in the buyer overpaying for the aircraft.Buyer hunts for the perfect aircraft and negotiates a deal with the seller. To “ensure it is a great buy”, he hires an expert aircraft maintenance shop. The shop finds a few squawks, seller pays for some or all of the [...]

Brexit - Aircraft News - Aircraft Brokerage - Miami JetSince the announcement of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, there have been a lot of questions. The EU provided the UK with trade agreements, protections, and a multitude of other things, among them aircraft and aircraft technology certification.

The EU’s aviation regulatory agency, Europeans Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), handles certifications, standardization, approval, and regulation of civil air [...]

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