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Buying an aircraft is no small purchase and it usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag. As with any large purchase, it’s important to be smart about the process from beginning to end. Specifically, it’s important to assemble the perfect team of experts that have your best interest in mind.

The right lawyer is a very important member of that team, in addition to the best brokers and the best aircraft technicians. But there are so many other aspects that go into buying a private jet. So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips to help you make the best decisions when it comes to purchasing an aircraft.

1. Hire the right people:
The first thing our professionals tell our clients is that hiring building the right team for your aircraft purchase is absolutely paramount. The aircraft broker is the team lead, taking over for the client as the spokesperson and making

Have you ever wondered about what exactly autothrottles do? Most people probably hadn’t, since until a few years ago fully integrated automatic flight control systems (AFCS) with autothrottles were reserved for transporters and heavy iron business jets. However, recently they are being included on single-engine turboprops and will also be included on piston aircraft. So for those who are curious, here is a bit of an explanation of what an AFCS with autothrottle is, and why it’s beneficial.

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Some people are hesitant about automation, claiming that it reduces the amount of control you have over the craft in question. Whether it be cars, aircraft, or boats. The reality is that the main purpose of cockpit automation s to

The FalconConnect portal for Dassault Aviation business jets has been reconfigured by Honeywell Aerospace to include a new dashboard with in-flight connectivity, flight planning and optimization, and flight database services in one place. FalconConnect is powered by Honeywell’s Forge analytics technology and includes high-speed airborne connectivity, hardened aviation cybersecurity, real-time data, flight planning, and aircraft tracking and monitoring.

“The new FalconConnect portal will provide the same quality of services that customers love, but now customers will have a singular connection to access their FalconConnect service subscription,” said Jean Kayanakis, Dassault Senior Vice President of the worldwide Falcon customer service and service center network. “Included are all the FalconConnect offerings—such as flight planning, flight database, and cabin connectivity software, services, and applications—and we will continue to add new features in the months ahead.”

John Peterson, Honeywell software and services Vice President and General Manager says that FalconConnect will allow customers to improve their performance by bringing

Hailing from what is often considered the cantaloupe capital of the world, Stamoules Produce Company is a family-owned business that was in the market for their own aircraft. They selected the King Air 360.


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The first Beechcraft King Air 360 turboprop was delivered and has entered service. This was commemorated at a handover ceremony with representatives from Stamoules Produce Company and Textron Aviation.

King Air turboprops have been favored for more than 50 years, and the 360 builds on that history of reliability, versatility, passenger comfort, and technological advancements.

“We’re very proud to be the launch customer of the new Beechcraft King [...]

We tend to follow the big names when it comes to aircraft development, how they progress the field, and the improvements they’re giving not only to general consumers but many businesses and institutions. However, it turns out that the US Air Force has developed a next-generation fighter jet all within the span of a year. Accumulating the design, build, and test flying a prototype, without anybody knowing. The details of the aircraft are confidential but, the Air Force stated that “its part of an effort to develop air welfare systems – including drones, fighter jets, and space and cyber warfare”.

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Will Roper, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, mentions that they have “broke [...]

Los Angeles is known for a lot of things, and this just adds to the ever-growing eclecticism of the area. On Sunday, August 20th, two pilots identified a “guy in a jetpack” flying alongside an airliner. “Only in LA,” the tower said jokingly, as typically speaking, people who have the technical and financial ability to fly a jetpack within that flight is extremely uncommon. Not to mention extremely dangerous, as the airspace around LAX is the busiest and most complex in the US.


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To give perspective on the scenario, the airliner was flying around 3,000ft, whi [...]

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Recently, the Spirit of Liberty Foundation hosted “America’s Operation Thank You: Relay in the Sky”, which was a tribute to the first responders and health care professionals working through the Coronavirus pandemic. It began on September 24th, in San Diego, California, and concluded with a closing ceremony in Washington D.C. on October 30th.

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A few weeks ago, Bombardier announced a celebration of the success of one of business aviation’s most popular aircraft. In July 9th, it was stated that the mid-sized six-year-old business jet has had it’s 350th delivery, making it one of Bombardier’s best-selling jets. With an intercontinental range that can maintain itself well with even full fuel and eight passengers, it’s no wonder people love using this aircraft! According to statistics, as of May 31, 2020, the challenger 350 has accumulated “more than 648,000 flight hours and more than 383,000 landings.”

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