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Embraer never disappoints its customers. Whether it’s about producing new commercial turboprop aircraft and military jets or providing aeronautical services, it knows how to do things right. The Brazilian multinational aerospace manufacturer recently unveiled its latest turboprop concept for the North American regional airline market.

According to the remarks by its top engineering executive during a live netcast, Embraer is researching the advancement of a next-gen turboprop airplane with engines fitted at the back. The purpose of this conspicuously new concept is to provide passengers with a great jet-like experience.

“Our proposition is to provide a high technology 70 to 90 seat turboprop with the same architectural plan of the e-jets. Very convenient, no middle seats and capacious overhead bins,” said Luís Carlos Affonso — senior vice president of the e-jets program at a Brazilian multinational aerospace company.

Jets for Sale Miami Florida - Buy a Jet - Miami Aircraft Broker - Florida Aircraft for SaleThe eight million, one hundred thousand dollar project of Oklahoma’s Ponca City Regional Airport (KPNC) to reconstruct its 7,200-foot runway was finally finished last July 13, 2021.

“The construction completed at this airport will ensure the viability of the runway for the next 40-plus years,” said State Secretary of Transportation Tim Gatz as he thought of this project as a good way to provide excellent aviation infrastructure assets for the north-central Oklahoma area.

The airport’s runway surface was milled and replaced in the month of September last year. The drainage problems were solved, and the runway ligh [...]

Miami Jet Private Jet Sales - Jets Sales in Miami Florida - Buy a Private Jet - Miami Jet Broker Still feeling the great impact of the pandemic, global aviation services group Air Partner predicts a rising surge in travel demand for leisure as people get more interested in private jets.

Private jets offer the assurance of keeping distance from strangers, which is one of the ways to avoid getting Covid-19, as stated by the World Health Organization. Thus, the luxury given by privacy is worth the price. Last summer 2020, Air Partner has successfully predicted the upcoming presence of first-time private jet users, which is also being expected to happen for this year, 2021,

Kam Air made history for Afghanistan with the first all-women crew successful flight. Not only was this a first for Kam Air, but a first for the country as a whole. For the nation that has had a history of non-existent and poor women’s rights, this is a huge step in the right direction and will be deemed a historical flight.

The airline has only been around since 2003, and it is the only privately run airline in the country. The aircraft flown was a 23-year-old Boeing 737-500. Although this is considered an elderly aircraft, it is still a year older than Kam Air’s first female Afghan pilot, Mohadese Mirzaee who is just 22. In addition to being the first female Afghan pilot to join Kam air. Mirzaee was the youngest of the crew. She took the role of First Officer next to Captain Veronica Borysova, age 32 who was the second female pilot to

Although many different industries and businesses have suffered financially due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry has arguably taken the biggest hit. Airlines specifically faced a dramatic loss of $84.3 billion and passenger demand plunged by 94.3%, in April, hitting its record lowest according to The International Air Transport Association (IATA). 2020 Aviation Industry - Miami Jet - Aviation Jet Sales - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet for Sale

It can be hard to look past these enormous losses. But it might finally be safe to start looking on the bright side. The private jet industry is thriving and has been recovering more quickly than commercial [...]

Despite the airline and travel industries’ downfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new airline has made its way into the United States.

First debuting in last year in Europe, Aero is the brainchild of Uber co-founder Garret Camp and former chief executive at Voom Airbus, Uma Subramanian.

The semi-luxury airline is aiming to offer “a radically better premium leisure travel experience” with all private jet-like planes being first class.

Aero Airlines - Aero - Miami Jet - Aircraft Sales - Private Jet Sales

It’s been a while since the world had to readjust to COVID-19, but thankfully in the world of aviation, operations are slowly returning online. As the world is rebounding, Aviation Report Operators state that industry activity is increasing faster than expected. There have been many efforts to ensure that the aviation business returns to form quickly, such as changing entire business models to accommodate health and safety. This is to ensure that the industry continues to utilize best practices to keep everyone safe.

Private Jet Sales - Miami Jet - Aviation Sales - Business Aviation - Buy a Private Jet

Has not flown in several years, though engines are run up and jet is taxied periodically. Inspections past due.

All logs since new but not tracked electronically. Paint is fair, interior needs refreshing, and some exterior corrosion showing. CONSIDERING ALL OFFERS

Trade brokerage Jetcraft, which both advises clients on purchases and has its own inventory of aircraft, has said that the number of their clients who are first-time owners has doubled since COVID-19 started becoming a large issue around March.

“There has been a remarkable surge in those buying for the first time since Covid,” says President Chad Anderson. “People seem to be taking the view that they don’t want to expose their family or employees to any risk. And once they taste ownership they seldom go back.”Mimi Jet - Miami Jet Sales - Private Jet Sales - First Time Jet Buyer

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