Are Private Jets Cleaner than We Think?

Google Climate Summit - Climate Change - Jet News - Miami Jet - Green Private JetAs celebrities and activists from all over the world were hosted by Google in Sicily to focus on making decisions to combat climate change and its economic impacts. Recently Prince Harry released an idea for business and government to band together in fighting climate change. However, many people took his ideas with a grain of salt for the small fact that he arrived in a private jet. The media headline criticized those leaders for flying private jets to attend the conference. However, what are the pros and cons of a private jet on the environment?

Private jets have a long history of assisting with humanitarian acts. After the earthquake in Haiti, 715 fights rescued over 3.800 people and brought over 1,400,00 pounds of disaster relief supplies to help. According to volunteer organizations like Angel Flight, Air Care Alliance, and Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies, there are 15,000 humanitarian business flights every year.

Back to environmental impacts, there’s a potential for the answer to be in limiting mass tourism jet travel than private jets. There are many benefits private jets contribute to local economies and even the environment.Humanitarian Aid - Private Jet Humanitarian - Aid Package - Jet News - Miami Jet - Green Private Jet

Eighty percent of business aircraft flights are into airports of small towns and communities. On average, those who fly in on a private jet spend $69,000 in the places they visit, not including airport services. The private aviation industry contributes over $215 billion to the economy yearly and provides over a million jobs. Small airports for private jets can bring in $2.5 million into a community.

Private aviation has more freedom to work on fuel alternatives, including electrically power aircraft. Victor, a U.K charter that sells air travel globally, is committed to investing in green initiatives such as UN REDD+ to plant trees across the world that will absorb the excess of CO2.

Typically, the metric used for carbon emissions is a per person value. Where a person flying commercial among a hundred other passengers is considered less than a seven or eight-seat private jet. However, the commercial jet still emits almost 90 times that of a small private jet, and, as was mentioned, contributes 250% more revenue to the economy of where they visit than the average $227 per person, the average of those flying commercial to Berlin.

Less fuel is burned in smaller airports and private plans because of the shortened taxiing and take-off time. Additionally, with new jet sharing programs, jet owners can, essentially, carpool or have as many as 16 different flyers in a single jet.

As buyers, sellers, and appraisers of private aircraft, we believe in the positive impact we can have on the world through our jets. If you’re in the market for a convenient solution to your travel needs, take a look at our inventory. Miami Jet is your experienced partner in private aviation, ready to help you at every step of the way.

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