Are Private Jet Around-the-World Tours the Next Big Business?

Jet - Miami Jet - Aircraft Brokerage - Jet for Sale - Aircraft for SaleThere’s a new industry emerging in the field of private vacationing. Private jet tours that go all around the world to secluded destinations off the beaten track with all the specialized amenities of a luxury vacation.

Granted, these tours can price more than $100,000 per person. Not your average vacation budget, but there are many options available if you’re able. The potential perks include specialized guides, world-class chefs, and experiences that are curated to exactly what you’re interested in . Here is a lineup of the current offers depending on what you like in a vacation.

For Education, culture, and convenience National Geographic and the Smithsonian both have tours.

National Geographic Private Jet Expeditions start at $78,945 per person. The jet is a Boeing 757 with leather interior on its between 48 and 77 seats. Onboard is a chef, caterer, and dedicated luggage carrier. Destinations include Africa, Central and South America, among others around the world.

Smithsonian Journeys begin at $89, 950 per person on a customized Boeing 757 jet with 76 seats. Destinations include Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Samoa, Petra, and Marrakesh among other around the world.

If you’re a fan of Four Seasons and enjoy all their amenities. The starting rate is $163,000 per person for 21-24 days. Italian leather lines the 52 seats that sound as flat beds in their custom Boeing 757, a common these for these trips it seems. In 2021, a new model will be released: The Airbus A321neo with 48 seats and more space for other activities such as workshops and classes. One itinerary is an International Intrigue tour with nine destinations including: Paris, Kyoto, St. Petersburg, Budapest, and Serengeti, all with accommodations at Four Seasons hotels.

Boeing 757 - Miami Jet - Aircraft News - Aircraft BrokerageAbercrombie and Kent have the personal touch with tours hosted by company founder Geoffrey Kent himself. The tours have all the amenities of fine dining and special events and start at $32,495 for regional trips and $160,000 per person for international trips. The Boeing 757 with 50 seats has one flight attendant for every seven guests. Regional Wings Over the World Journeys are 13-16 guests whereas Around the World Geoffrey Kent experiences can have up to 48 guests.

Aman Private Jet Expeditions take a group of 16 guests to small locations in Asia and Europe. Guests are transported by specialized guides in private cars, dining include world-class dinners and cocktail parties in the evenings, and nights exclusively in hotels owned by Aman. Tours start at $60,000 for an Airbus 318s along chartered business jets with interiors similar to a living room. The most expensive tour also called The Grandest Tour is $128,000 per person, 9 countries in 21 nights. Destinations include Japan, Vietnam, China, Bhutan, Thailand, Greece, India, Italy, and Montenegro.

TCS World Travel is the front runner in the business, partnering with most of the travel companies mentioned above. It also offers regional adventures and international trips. The trips are all-inclusive with first-class accommodations, charted private jets, meals and beverages, ground transportation, sightseeing and special access. The President’s Journey Around the World was designed around the favorited destinations of TCS’s President, Shelley Cline. The cost is $134,000 per person for seven destinations in 24 days. Other tours start at $72,950 in a Boeing 757 among A318-100 private jets, and Bombardier Challenger series. The focus is on adventures in special places and international journeys.

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Similar to the fascination with climbing Mount Everest, the new favorite vacation destination is Antarctica. Trips by Red Savannah to the Antarctic start at $96,000 where small jets fly guests from Cape Town, South Africa to a runway in Antarctica. Guests visit the emperor penguin colony, ice tunnels, and spend a night in a private sleeping pod in the South Pole.

As a charter option for large groups, Crystal Skye has a Boeing 777 with 88 flat bed seats and a bar lounge. Groups such as sports teams or weddings can charter the plane anywhere, they want to go. The cost to charter this plan goes from $350,000 to $1 million.

While most don’t have the funds to spend on a private jet tour vacation of this caliber. If you’re looking to buy a jet, sell your current jet, or refurbish, check out our inventory for the latest information. At Miami Jet, you can always read the aircraft news.


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