Airports Runway Rebuild as Years Have Wear and Tear It

Jets for Sale Miami Florida - Buy a Jet - Miami Aircraft Broker - Florida Aircraft for SaleThe eight million, one hundred thousand dollar project of Oklahoma’s Ponca City Regional Airport (KPNC) to reconstruct its 7,200-foot runway was finally finished last July 13, 2021.

“The construction completed at this airport will ensure the viability of the runway for the next 40-plus years,” said State Secretary of Transportation Tim Gatz as he thought of this project as a good way to provide excellent aviation infrastructure assets for the north-central Oklahoma area.

The airport’s runway surface was milled and replaced in the month of September last year. The drainage problems were solved, and the runway lights and guidance signage were replaced. Runway rebuilds have always been an essential work for airports as accidents may happen if left unmaintained. These rebuilds give a major contribution to smooth landing, reducing undercarriage system shock, and safe travel.

The maintenance process interval depends on the airport surface type and regular inspections are being held before taking the process into action. Major maintenance usually happens once every seven to ten years. Runways are mostly 11 to 13 inches thick as concrete is placed repeatedly; that is why it takes years before another rebuilding project.

Miami Airport Runway - Aircraft for Sale - Jets for Sale Near Me - Buy a Jet in FloridaTo fund this sort of infrastructure, Oklahoma’s Ponca City Regional Airport has received more than 26 million dollars since the year 2000. “At 7,200 feet long, this runway is the ninth-longest civilian runway in the state,” justified Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe.

Furthermore, other countries worldwide are also in the process of rebuilding their runways. At Ireland’s Cork Airport, their government has approved the 10 million euros fund for the rebuilding. As this project comes into action, 250 job openings for the working class in the construction and supply chain were made available. USA’s Oxnard Airport will also undergo changes this year as its runway rehabilitation has received 14.4 million dollars of federal funding. This action is the first for the airport for the last 20 years.

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