Aircraft Acquisition

Miami Jet makes the process of acquiring an aircraft both stress-free and enjoyable. We will find the best aircraft to fit your needs at the best price and terms possible. Our Team Members will be engaged with you during each step of the way until the transaction is complete and you are experiencing true first class travel. We offer full buyer representation covering every aspect of the acquisition and aircraft  ownership.

A summary of our scope of services include:

  • Determine the perfect make and model of aircraft to fully meet your travel needs.
  • Aircraft operating budgets
  • Aircraft Performance specifications
  • Valuations and Certified Appraisal
  • Crewing
  • Liability and Hull Insurance
  • Tax strategies in coordination with your accountant’s plan.
  • Global or regional search for target aircraft
  • Detailed market analysis of aircraft prospects
  • Contract submission and expert negotiation for the lowest acquisition price possible with full disclosure of the aircraft history and condition.
  • Custom written purchase offers and aircraft purchase agreements giving our Clients the upper hand and maximum protection in all aspects of the transaction.
  • Pre-purchase inspections and maintenance planning including budgeting
  • Advising maintenance and upkeep with or without airframe, engine, and avionics maintenance plans
  • Enrollment of the aircraft on engine, airframe, and avionics programs.
  • Aircraft Management with or without 135 charter operations.
  • Benefits of dry-leasing v. 135 chartering
  • Title and Escrow Services

Miami Jet has the highest level of experience overall in business jet purchase and resale. We are the only full time brokerage firm with two Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisers on staff.

The Miami Jet Team will guide you through a pleasurable experience by straightening out all of the curves that aircraft sellers and maintenance representatives throw at us while we avoid the common pitfalls that buyers fall into. It is only through our experience engaged in many jet sales over the years that we know how to negotiate a lower sale price than most other brokers or an individual buyer can do on their own. Combine all of the above and see why we expect to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your jet purchase.

We coordinate regularly with the most reputable and experienced aviation attorneys in Florida and Oklahoma City. Our Associates also include the best aviation CPA’s and Maintenance Experts.

We look forward to engaging with you in an incredible aircraft acquisition experience and seeing you flying in your newly acquired aircraft soon! Our research analysts proactively track many aircraft markets and find excellent acquisition opportunities.

Real time Aircraft Market Information

Our research analysts proactively track many aircraft markets and find opportunities. Researchers capture, on average, several hundred aircraft market event changes per day, and and record up to 1000 retail aircraft transactions per month. These Team Members work daily with other aviation professionals worldwide to maintain records including specifications and photos for an average of 600 aircraft for sale on any one day.