9 Reasons to Choose Private Travel

There are a vast number of reasons why you should travel using private jets. We’ve compiled a list of the reasons we hear most often from our clients.

    1. Time saving – This is perhaps the most significant reasons for using private aircraft in your travels. Depending on your Airport Line - Jet Sales - Miami Jet Sales - Private Jet - Private Jet Sales - Miami Jet program your aircraft can be ready to fly in just a few hours. This is great for business men or women who may have to travel for work on short notice. You are able to arrive at the airport minutes before your departure time, avoid layovers and fly directly to your destination.  You can also make productive use of your time onboard and avoid expensive overnight stays.  Private jet travel allows you to avoid check-in, security and boarding lines in the airport and you can land at over 5,000 airports in the US, typically putting you closer to your destination. All of this provides incredible savings both in time and money.
    2. Productivity – The time savings listed above allow a significant increase in productive time, both onboard and before and after flying. You and your staff will be able to make the most of your travel time and talk shop or work with clients or partners.
    3. Convenience – There are over 5,000 airports in the US alone that private planes are able to use (vs only 500 for commercial aircraft). This helps you avoid even more travel time once you’ve landed, as you’re often able to get closer to your destination via private jet travel. The recent ban on certain quantities of liquids caused an array of inconveniences for people traveling commercially, but private flyers have avoided this issue. Private planes also allow you to travel with important belongings such as instruments, sports gear, etc. You can even bring your pet in the cabin!
    4. Flexibility – Private jets can be available and ready to travel at a few hours’ notice and there’s no need to worry about a missed flight if you’re running behind. It’s even possible to change flight plans in mid-flight if necessary.
    5. Quality of service – Private planes provide luxury seating and business furnishings like desks, cupholders, etc. There is also plenty of space, and individualized attention. Kiss sub-par airplane food goodbye, because your preferred food and drinks can be ordered ahead of time and be ready in time for your trip.Private Jet - Private Jet Sales - Miami Private Jet - Family Time - Miami Jet Sales
    6. Family time – By reducing overnight stays, you’re increasing your time at home with your family. Nobody likes to travel for work and miss important days – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. If you’re privately traveling, you don’t need to worry about missing out on family time.
    7. Privacy – You can hold meetings and make productive use of your time, without being over heard by everyone on the plane. Not to mention, your overall travel is far less visible when traveling via private jet, preserving the
    8. secrecy around important negotiations or deals.
    9. Reduced stress – Airports are stressful. Without the security, boarding and check-in lines, risk of lost luggage, making stressful transfers, delay concerns or security issues of commercial flights you’ll be a lot more relaxed when traveling and able to focus on the main goal of your trip.
    10. Image – Flying in a private jet projects a well-run, efficient, successful individual or business. It is clear to your colleagues and your clients that your company values time and can afford private air travel.

At MiamiJet, our emphasis is developing and sustaining long-term client relationships. Our years of experience in private aviation provides our clients with the service and information necessary to stay ahead of market curves and trends.  We look forward to working for you! We are located directly on the field at Miami Executive Airport and serve clients across the globe. Perseverance, pride and professionalism create the right environment to provide outstanding service to aircraft buyers, sellers, financial institutions and insurance professionals. We look forward to working for you! Contact us today!

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