6 Reasons Why 95% Of All The Aircraft Are Painted White

Buy Used Jet - Aircraft Sale - Paint Your Jet - How To Paint Your Plane - Miami Jet Sales - Miami FLImagine a plane. What color does it have it your imagination? The chances are it’s all white. Why? Because almost every plane and jet are using white paint. You may find different colors painted above the base – gold, silver, red and even pink. But the base itself will most likely be white.

Most planes’ undercoat is made of zinc phosphate primer that has dark green color. If you have seen any videos or tv-shows with aircraft testing, you know that the planes there are usually dark green. You can’t find any technical or manufacturers reason why the place should be painted white afterwards. Let’s find out the main reasons for the aircraft to be painted in light colors only.

  1. Thermal advantage

White color reflects sunlight better than any other color. It helps the cabin stay cooler and waste way less energy for cooling the whole aircraft. If the planes were made in black color, they would require almost two times more energy for the cooling system.

  1. White is a blank canvas.

Imagine a sheet of paper. It’s also white. Why? Because you can use it to express yourself, paint it all in different colors and shades. Same goes for the aircraft. You can brand your plane, pain it in a cool recognizable pattern, use in for marketing. There is a huge range of things you can pain your plane with. White color gives you this opportunity.

  1. It sells for a better price

White painted planes have higher resale value. New owner wouldn’t have to paint the whole plane again and waste even more money on a new paintjob. The price is higher for the white rental charters as well. More neutral colors usually have higher demand. Black painted aircraft also have high prices on the charter market.

  1. White color does not fade.

White paint can’t get whiter. Cheap paint may gain some yellow shades over time, but that’s it. This means you don’t have to spent extra money to repaint your aircraft every 1-2 years. And when you are paying a lot of money for the painting job, it’s something you should consider.

  1. It’s easy to find all the cracks and damages

Safety is a number 1 priority when flying an aircraft. Your jet should always be in its perfect condition. White paint helps you find all the damages your plane gets when operating.

  1. White paint is usually cheaper

You have to pay a lot of money for your plane to be painted anyway, so why don’t save extra while gaining other cool features with the white paint? White paint is cheaper and easier to find due to its popularity.Sell Your Jet - Used Aircraft Listing - Aircraft Sale Miami - Paint For Jets - Jets for Sale Miami Florida

There you go! It’s the reasons that many jets and planes are painted in white. Miami Jet knows everything about selling or buying the aircraft. We can help you find the perfect jet in your favorite color, especially if it’s white. Call us today at 305-894-9344 to discuss your perfect options.

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