6 Most Bizarre Private Jet Client Requests

The weirdest and most interesting private jet requests have been revealed by a private aviation company serving ultra-high net worth customers. Let’s take a look at how people have fun while flying private jets.

Most Bizarre Private Jet Client Requests - Client Stopped The Plane For His Dog

  1. One passenger flying from Europe to America with his dog requested that the pilot would land ahead of destination in order for his dog to “get some fresh air and walk around a bit”. The pilot actually did land and after a short stop, the man and his pet continued their flight to their final destination.
  2. One traveler ordered catering to his plane. The meal included gourmet sandwiches, many fruit and vegetables. After the flight was completed, the crew found out that the food was never touched. It turns out the passenger ordered all the food for his pet parrot.
  3. Another man liked the NetJets biscuits so much, he asked them to ship multiple boxes to his house, after he found our they are impossible to buy in his country.Most Bizarre Private Jet Client Requests - Ordering Boxes Of Plane Food Home
  4. Another crazy rich client had so much personal belongings that he requested two Bombardier Global 6000s (huge 49,820 lbs. jets) to help move his belongings from one country to another.
  5. There was a passenger that seemed like a true tv-show addict. He ordered NetJets to download the whole season of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ ahead of their intercontinental flight.
  6. The last one is about a family group that organizes a group flight to Disneyland in Orlando. They had 36 adults and children to transport. The whole trip used nine NetJet teams and four different aircraft. They all landed in Orlando in the same time. But wait, it gets even more bizarre! Each plane cabin was transformed into an immersive Disney experience, to give the kids a journey of a lifetime.Most Bizarre Private Jet Client Requests - Flight To Disneyland On 4 Jets

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