2020 Drastically Changed the Aviation Industry

Although many different industries and businesses have suffered financially due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry has arguably taken the biggest hit. Airlines specifically faced a dramatic loss of $84.3 billion and passenger demand plunged by 94.3%, in April, hitting its record lowest according to The International Air Transport Association (IATA). 2020 Aviation Industry - Miami Jet - Aviation Jet Sales - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet for Sale

It can be hard to look past these enormous losses. But it might finally be safe to start looking on the bright side. The private jet industry is thriving and has been recovering more quickly than commercial airlines. Flight demands have shifted from necessary business travel to leisure travel.

Airline companies have been making changes in their business models to meet new leisure travel demands. Some private jet charters have begun partnering with luxury vacation resorts to offer special discounted rates and packages and increase airtime. Other airlines have been busy converting traditional commercial aircraft into private jet-like planes. One new company, Aero, launched as a more affordable private jet option with one-way tickets starting around $1,000.

The majority of commercial airlines have adapted enhanced safety procedures Some airlines have implemented new stricter mask policies that ban certain types of fabric face coverings such as lace, bandanas and face masks with valves. Cleaning procedures have been increased, as well as social distancing protocol.

As of July 2020, the average commercial flight was flying at an average of about 50% capacity. These numbers quickly changed as some commercial airlines began filling middle seats once again. Delta Airlines has been consistent in not filling middle seats, and has recently announced another extension through April. The majority of other U.S. airlines have dropped their protocol and are flying at 100% capacity. Currently, Delta is the only commercial airline company not selling middle seats. 2020 Airports - Mask Mandate - Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Jet for SaleAlthough they are losing money for not selling all of the seats, the demand for Delta Airline tickets has drastically increased. Some people are willing to pay for a more expensive ticket to have extra room and fewer passengers.

To learn more about how commercial airlines have adapted during the pandemic, visit the Federal Aviation Administration’s website. If you or someone you know is in the market for a private jet, search no farther than Miami Jet! Browse our available listings to find the perfect private jet for you. Contact us today and our team of professional aircraft brokers will help you find the best jet to suit your travel needs!

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