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Our Latest News & Articles

NASA Is Trying To Build A Supersonic

The X-59 QueSST is NASA's super-quiet and super-fast invention, leaving all other jets behind in design and technology. The fundamental purpose of making this supersonic aircraft is to eliminate the explosive boom while traveling faster than the speed of sound. The Need For Inventing X-59 QueSST In 1947, Chuck Yeager, in his [...]

Verizon, AT&T agrees to delay 5G network

AT&T and Verizon Communication have declared that they will delay the deployment of the 5G network in the United States. Both Communication companies made this announcement after concern about C-Band Wireless Spectrum (5G), which can interfere with aviation safety. Wireless Companies Verizon Communication and AT&T have faced tremendous pressure from [...]

Turboprops Vs. Jet Engines – What’s The

The turboprop is an aircraft with gas turbine engines connected to a gearbox. The turboprop is also called a P jet. It provides thrust to the jet and also drives the propeller. The propeller is outside the turboprops, consuming less fuel and relatively lighter flying. Whereas jet engines use fan [...]

What went wrong with the Boeing 737

The famous Boeing 737 Max is the most scrutinized aircraft in aviation history, but critics still have some concerns about its safety. The US aviation cleared the Boeing 737 Max, for Passengers last year, followed by two disastrous incidents. The aircraft is back in the Air. But why was it [...]

Turboprop Vs Jet Aircraft: Differences Explained

The battle of turboprop vs turbojet aircraft has been going on for quite some time now amongst the aviation community. With a huge number of advantages and information to evaluate before you come to a decision, it can be really confusing to know which aircraft perfectly adapt to your requirements. [...]

Mitsubishi & ZeroAvia Join Forces to Build

Helen Keller once said, “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Seems like ZeroAvia took her quote very seriously. The zero-emission flight specialist has recently announced that it is joining forces with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries RJ Aviation Group (MHIRJ) for building and retrofitting a regional [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Lilium

Various companies have been racing to build the first all-electric flying taxi — and Lilium, one of Germany’s leading flying taxi startups, is leading the pack. The company is already planning to launch its first operations in the U.S., specifically Florida, in 2024. Its first vertiport hub, and headquarters, will [...]

Beechcraft Denali Turboprop Completes Ground Engine Runs

They say patience is the key to success. And It seems like Textron Aviation - one of the famous aircraft manufacturers in the aerospace industry - has finally found that key! The company’s rebranded Beechcraft Denali Turboprop has successfully completed its initial ground engine runs, moving closer to its first [...]

Best Private Jet To Buy: Buying Tips

Oprah Winfrey once said, “it's great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you.” She said it right. Buying a private jet is one of the best investments one could make in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has [...]

Embraer Unfolds Its New Turboprop Concept For

Embraer never disappoints its customers. Whether it’s about producing new commercial turboprop aircraft and military jets or providing aeronautical services, it knows how to do things right. The Brazilian multinational aerospace manufacturer recently unveiled its latest turboprop concept for the North American regional airline market. According to the remarks by [...]

Airports Runway Rebuild as Years Have Wear

The eight million, one hundred thousand dollar project of Oklahoma's Ponca City Regional Airport (KPNC) to reconstruct its 7,200-foot runway was finally finished last July 13, 2021. "The construction completed at this airport will ensure the viability of the runway for the next 40-plus years," said State Secretary of Transportation [...]

The Beneficial Impact in Aviation Business Brought

Still feeling the great impact of the pandemic, global aviation services group Air Partner predicts a rising surge in travel demand for leisure as people get more interested in private jets. Private jets offer the assurance of keeping distance from strangers, which is one of the ways to avoid getting [...]

Kam Air Flies First All-Women Crew

Kam Air made history for Afghanistan with the first all-women crew successful flight. Not only was this a first for Kam Air, but a first for the country as a whole. For the nation that has had a history of non-existent and poor women’s rights, this is a huge step [...]

2020 Drastically Changed the Aviation Industry

Although many different industries and businesses have suffered financially due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry has arguably taken the biggest hit. Airlines specifically faced a dramatic loss of $84.3 billion and passenger demand plunged by 94.3%, in April, hitting its record lowest according to The International Air Transport [...]

Uber Co-founder Garrett Camp Launches New Luxury

Despite the airline and travel industries' downfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new airline has made its way into the United States. First debuting in last year in Europe, Aero is the brainchild of Uber co-founder Garret Camp and former chief executive at Voom Airbus, Uma Subramanian. The semi-luxury [...]

Reasons to be in favor of Business

It’s been a while since the world had to readjust to COVID-19, but thankfully in the world of aviation, operations are slowly returning online. As the world is rebounding, Aviation Report Operators state that industry activity is increasing faster than expected. There have been many efforts to ensure that the [...]

First time Buyers Boosting Used Business Aircraft

Trade brokerage Jetcraft, which both advises clients on purchases and has its own inventory of aircraft, has said that the number of their clients who are first-time owners has doubled since COVID-19 started becoming a large issue around March. “There has been a remarkable surge in those buying for the [...]

President Joe Biden flew from Delaware to

President Joe Biden arrived in style to the inauguration on a chartered private jet breaking the tradition of arriving on a US Air Force plane. The Boeing Business Jet 737 flew Biden from Delaware New Castle Airport to Andrews Air Force Base. The aircraft is typically reserved for high-class private [...]

Congress Passes 3rd Coronavirus Relief Package

Both houses of the US Congress have passed the third Coronavirus relief package for the aviation transport industry. This package will grant airlines $14 billion for payroll support while the pandemic is still happening. The funds will be included in the COVID-19 relief bill proposed by President Joe Biden, whose [...]

What is The Fastest Private Jet?

If you’re interested in private aviation, chances are that you’re interested in speed & efficiency. It’s true that by traveling privately you’re saving a ton of time. From waiting in lines to check-in baggage to parking, private travel is overall much more efficient than commercial travel. But ignoring the practicality [...]

What does Ultra-Long-Range mean?

Jets come in all different shapes and sizes, but ultra-long-range jets are usually the largest, fastest jets that have the highest passenger capacity. Most ultra-long-range jets can accommodate somewhere between 14-16 passengers. But that is just the median, some can carry even more. Because of their increased size, they’re able to [...]

The eco-saving power of this Cessna “eCaravan”

Not too long ago, we covered the future of sustainable fuel, and how airlines have been very slow at adopting it. To give a quick refresher on what sustainable aircraft fuel (SAF) is, it’s a fuel alternative that’s developed with recycled materials, such as cooking oils, agricultural residues, or municipal [...]

Top Tips for A Better Aircraft Buying

Buying an aircraft is no small purchase and it usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag. As with any large purchase, it’s important to be smart about the process from beginning to end. Specifically, it’s important to assemble the perfect team of experts that have your best interest in [...]

Automatic Flight Control Systems and Their Effects

Have you ever wondered about what exactly autothrottles do? Most people probably hadn’t, since until a few years ago fully integrated automatic flight control systems (AFCS) with autothrottles were reserved for transporters and heavy iron business jets. However, recently they are being included on single-engine turboprops and will also be [...]

New Dassault FalconConnect Platform from Honeywell

The FalconConnect portal for Dassault Aviation business jets has been reconfigured by Honeywell Aerospace to include a new dashboard with in-flight connectivity, flight planning and optimization, and flight database services in one place. FalconConnect is powered by Honeywell’s Forge analytics technology and includes high-speed airborne connectivity, hardened aviation cybersecurity, real-time [...]

Stamoules Produce Company receives first King Air

Hailing from what is often considered the cantaloupe capital of the world, Stamoules Produce Company is a family-owned business that was in the market for their own aircraft. They selected the King Air 360.     The first Beechcraft King Air 360 turboprop was delivered and has entered service. This [...]

The Hidden Development of a Brand-New US

We tend to follow the big names when it comes to aircraft development, how they progress the field, and the improvements they’re giving not only to general consumers but many businesses and institutions. However, it turns out that the US Air Force has developed a next-generation fighter jet all within [...]

UFG, or Unidentified Flying “Guy” Found Flying

Los Angeles is known for a lot of things, and this just adds to the ever-growing eclecticism of the area. On Sunday, August 20th, two pilots identified a “guy in a jetpack” flying alongside an airliner. “Only in LA,” the tower said jokingly, as typically speaking, people who have the [...]

NBAA and Relay in the Sky

Recently, the Spirit of Liberty Foundation hosted “America’s Operation Thank You: Relay in the Sky”, which was a tribute to the first responders and health care professionals working through the Coronavirus pandemic. It began on September 24th, in San Diego, California, and concluded with a closing ceremony in Washington D.C. [...]

True to name, Bombardier delivers the “350th”

A few weeks ago, Bombardier announced a celebration of the success of one of business aviation’s most popular aircraft. In July 9th, it was stated that the mid-sized six-year-old business jet has had it’s 350th delivery, making it one of Bombardier’s best-selling jets. With an intercontinental range that can maintain [...]

Jet Engine Maintenance and You

It’s nice to be able to understand how a component of our lives work in more detail, as it gives us greater appreciation for its design, and gives us the autonomy of control over the things we own. While D.I.Y. is fairly niche, at the end of the day being [...]

How to Start Your Career in Aviation

Have you always wanted to be behind the wheel of an aircraft? Certified and able to soar in a jet at your control and enjoy that newfound freedom? There’s no time like the present to start. We’re not going to lie it’s going to take hard work and dedication to [...]

The Future of Aviation Looks Bright in

One of the industries that have been greatly affected by the pandemic is the aviation industry, and this is mainly due to the decision of most countries to limit air travel and close their borders. Thankfully, things are finally looking up for the industry with the number of countries able [...]

Flight Coach and What You Can Do

We enjoy aviation and aircraft here, and to many others it’s deeply ingrained to their lifestyle and passions. The joys and fleeting feeling of flight offers an experience like none other, especially if you’re in control of your own freedom and destination. However, there are always risks when doing anything, [...]

Private Aviation Marketing Predictions for 2020

Firnas Private is an executive aviation provider based in the UK. CEO Kazi Rahman provides his top 5 predictions for 2020. Accessibility Efficiency and flexibility in new sectors of private fight are allowing small and medium companies to use private air and support their bottom line. Cost-efficient aircrafts are able [...]

Impact of Brexit on the Aviation Industry

Since the announcement of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, there have been a lot of questions. The EU provided the UK with trade agreements, protections, and a multitude of other things, among them aircraft and aircraft technology certification. The EU’s aviation regulatory agency, Europeans Aviation Safety Agency [...]

The CARES Act and You

With technology constantly improving, manufacturers are always introducing new ways to enhance their latest aircraft models. Upgrades like these are tempting to owners who are looking for the newest tech to experience. It’s very important that they consider the fact that “like-kind” exchanges are no longer available as an option [...]

Sentient Jet Aims to Sell Memberships with

Leap Day isn’t something we necessarily think of as exciting. An extra day that happens every four years, almost like Daylight Savings Time, our phones have it as a calendar event then it passes us by without a fuss. This year, however, Sentient Jet is making Leap Day very significant [...]

Aviation Businesses Offer Hope Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The number one thing on the news and on everyone’s minds: COVID-19. Whether your state has mandated a stay-at-home order or not, coverage of this pandemic is something we can’t escape. Which is why we’ve decided to bring you some good news. Aviation companies all over the world are coming [...]

Ways to Prevent Contracting Covid-19 While Traveling

As advised by the CDC and World Health Organization, Covid-19 is incredibly contagious with cases popping up all over the world. Recently, it found its way to the US. While during a commercial flight, the risk is greater because of the sheer amount of people around you. Health organizations advise [...]

The First, and Possibly Last Learmousine

We all know you must be passionate if you want to be involved with aircraft, but you have to be a special kind of passionate to make an aircraft into a limo! Here is last year’s strange chimera of luxury concepts known as the Limojet. A play on words on how its [...]

Animal Stowaway Stories

We’ve seen a lot happen as a result of COVID-19, and not all of it is doom and gloom. For instance, the canals of Venice were clear with fish and swans seen for the first time in decades. With most of us inside, wildlife has taken up the mantle to [...]

Are Private Jet Around-the-World Tours the Next

There’s a new industry emerging in the field of private vacationing. Private jet tours that go all around the world to secluded destinations off the beaten track with all the specialized amenities of a luxury vacation. Granted, these tours can price more than $100,000 per person. Not your average vacation [...]

Looking on the Bright Side of Life

There are days when the only thing we see in the news has the phrase COVID-19 in it. The media, the government, scientists, economists, and everyday people are all trying to look ahead and plan for the future beyond this crisis even though it seems impossible. But! This is not [...]

Gulfstream G700

Gulfstream G700 Soars in First Test Flight

  The latest flagship by Gulfstream that was introduced at NBAA-BACE in October, completed its flight test on Valentine's Day, 2020. The aircraft took off from Gulfstream Aerospace's’ headquarters at the Savannah/Holton Head International Airport and flew for two and a half hours before touching back down. “This first flight [...]

Southwest Airlines - Aviation News - Miami Jet - Aircraft Brokers

Dramatic Rescue of Winnie the Pooh by

No matter what’s going on in the world right now, let this story warm your heart. As kids, most of us had our one precious possession. That toy you got as children, a blanket you couldn’t sleep without, or, in this case, a stuffed bear. Southwest Airlines has made headlines [...]

Opa Locka Executive Airport

Superbowl Surged Business Aviation Traffic in Miami

While the Kansas City Chiefs achieved a historic victory at the Superbowl for the first time in decades, airports were filled with an almost unprecedented amount of business aviation travel. Fixed-based Operators, or FBOs as they’re known, were swamped as airports had to pull in other staffers from surrounding states [...]

Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet News

Learjet 76 Liberty is the Next Air

In the U.S, we’re used to air ambulances being helicopters as major hospitals are now equipped with landing pads to transport those in dire need of medical care. In Poland, they’re trying something different. According to a recent announcement by Bombardier, Warsaw-based Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (LPR) has ordered two Learjet [...]

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Blue Angels in Seattle

Seattle is no stranger to hearing and seeing the Blue Angels soar through August skies. However, at the Boeing Seafair Air Show, one of the biggest differences happened on the ground instead of the sky. The flight path over Lake Washington was moved south, leaving the I-90 floating bridge outside [...]

Coronavirus Risk at the Singapore Airshow

International travel has hit a slow down in light of the Coronavirus that began in Wuhan, China. Commercial airports are screening passengers for body temperature to try and contain the spread as more cases are found all over the world. Business travel has also been affected, as some of the [...]

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Aviation Innovations and World Records in 2019

Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport opened in April The long-awaited structure is a dome made of glass and metal designed to connect three of the airports' four terminals. The main attraction is the world’s largest indoor waterfall called the HSBC Rain Vortex. The airport is regularly voted the World’s Best and [...]

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Paris Start-Up to Make Private Jets Accessible

Wingly is a hybrid of the private aviation and ride-sharing industry that was founded 4 years ago by three Frenchmen: de Waziers, Bertrand Joab-Cornu, and Lars Klein. They aimed to capitalize on the massive growth in the sharing industry led by Airbnb and Uber by combing it with the aviation [...]

Miami Jet - Private Jet Sales - Private Jet Brokers - Jet News

Delta Acquires Wheels Up

The private jet charter subsidiary of Delta has partnered for a minority stake in Wheel Up. Together, it now has 190 private plans and more than 8,000 customers. Delta Private Jets functions separately from the commercial side of the business. It provides a variety of flights from short-range light jets [...]

Are Private Jets Cleaner than We Think?

As celebrities and activists from all over the world were hosted by Google in Sicily to focus on making decisions to combat climate change and its economic impacts. Recently Prince Harry released an idea for business and government to band together in fighting climate change. However, many people took his [...]

New Aircraft from Paris Air Show 2019

There was an amazing Air Show in Paris last month! We saw some interesting models and figured you’d be interested in them too. So, are you ready to see what’s new in the industry and what aircraft models are coming to shake up the market a bit? Airbus Vahana The [...]

NASA Sending a Drone to Saturn’s Moon

NASA announced that they are planning a planetary science mission called Dragonfly to Saturn’s moon Titan. After it lands, it will fly a drone in Titan’s dense atmosphere and low gravity. Sounds exciting? Keep reading to learn all the details! Titan is a moon with Earth-like geological surface features and [...]

Private Jets of World Leaders – Infographics

We just stumbled upon some beautiful infographics about private jets of world leaders made by Air Charter Service. We picked the most interesting ones, but you can see the whole article here. Donald Trump is first on our list. Let’s see what he flies to work. Special features Air Force [...]

Top Paid Jobs In Aviation

A career in aviation is the dream of millions. There are many different positions in the industry, but today we are going to go over several of them and compare their average annual salary. We’ll take a look at five of the top paid jobs in aviation. Aircraft mechanic Average [...]

The Best Aviation Channels on YouTube

There is a YouTube channel about everything now, so we thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to go over the most popular aviation channels out there and pick the ones that we think are worth watching. Yep, we just spent half of the day watching YouTube videos, but [...]

The Most Popular Aviation Myths

It’s time to bust a myth or two again! Let’s go over some of the most popular aviation myths and see why they simply can’t be true! Pilots only take off and land aircraft, autopilot does the rest. We’ve heard this one many times and think that it’s the most [...]

How To Install Wi-Fi On A Private

Nowadays the Wi-Fi is pretty much everywhere. Even your fridge probably has Wi-Fi if you bought it in the last couple of years. Everything connects to everything. But what about planes and private jets? How do you get a Wi-Fi router on board? Let’s find that out and see what [...]

Honda Launches Its First Business Jet Elite

Driving a Honda is one thing, but have you tried flying one No, we’re not talking about a new CR-V with jet engines. Honda just launched their revamped small business jet for the Japanese market. The launch party took place at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on the December 20th. Honda Aircraft [...]

Turning Old Aircraft Parts To An Expensive

It’s always sad to see old aircraft being decommissioned. But what do you think happens with it after it’s disassembled? Andrew Jackman, a founder of a UK-based company called Intrepid Design, has an answer for you. Today we are going to talk about aircraft parts being used as art and [...]

Bell Reveals An Air Taxi Concept At

The future is here! Or, at least it’s trying really hard to get here. Bell just unveiled an innovative air taxi concept that they currently have in the works. This announcement took place at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas. We’re talking about a full version of [...]

Cessna Stops Producing The Fastest Private Jet

‘The Lamborghini of the skies’ – that’s what people call Cessna’s Citation X+, the fastest private jet in the world.  Everyone in the aviation industry was very surprised when the company closed production of this headline grabbing plane. But if you take a closer look at Cessna’s plans for the [...]

Luxury Jet Fever Is Reaching Its Peak

The luxury-jet market is shifting towards the seller right now. If you were in the market for a luxury-jet a couple of years ago, you would have a multitude of amazing options and opportunities. Now, the options are pretty slim, though it’s still possible to find a great jet for [...]

Greg Hermans, Darren Klink and Joe Hartmann

Miami Jet Team members Greg, Darren and Joe attend the popular NBAA Regional Conference held at the West Palm Beach airport on Wednesday, February 6th.   The conference attracted attendees from all over the country to network with industry experts and partners as well as view new aviation related products, services [...]

The Future Of Sustainable Fuel

One of the biggest issues of the aviation industry is air pollution. Everyone knows that aircraft have a huge impact on the environment. But fortunately, with the development of sustainable fuels everything may actually change in the near future. Big corporations understand that the future is all about alternative sources [...]

Miami Jet Welcomes New Miami Dade Police

We have all heard ... "To Protect and Serve" but this is taken to a whole new level with Miami Dade Police Officers serving snacks to the locals!  We were honored to be invited to attend a social with Miami Dade Police Department at Panera Bread. Let us be the [...]

How Weather Affects your Flight

There are hundreds of factors that can affect your flight, from the engine’s condition to the runway being wet. Wind strength and direction, fog, ice and snow will all have a different impact on your private jet travel. So, when is the best time for your private jet trip and [...]

The Boeing’s first BBJ Max Was Sold

Boeing has sold its first BBJ Max to a customer. The Boeing Business Jet is well-known as one of the most luxurious business jets in the world. It’s a private aviation version of a commercial Boeing 737 airliner. With a spacious cabin and exquisite interior, it provides a flight range [...]

Private Jet Food Trends For 2019

Inflight cooks and cabin attendants spend hours researching recent food trends. In-flight experts know everything about serving delicious and luxurious food to private jet passengers and how food changes it’s qualities at 41,000 feet. Miami Jet is here today to take a look at food trends that you may want [...]

What To Expect From Private Jet Market

There are just two months left before the 2019 begins. Based on this year’s events and industry news, we can already make some forecasts for the next year. Let’s see what we can expect from private jet industry in 2019. Aircraft Availability Growth The whole market is growing like never [...]

Beds On Private Jets

One of the advantages of flying on a private jet is being able to sleep with comfort. But wait, there are deferent levels of comfort, and yes, there are some you can’t even imagine. Miami Jet is here today to browse through the sleeping options in the world of private [...]

Dont Miss Your Best Offer!

  There’s a great chance you’ve heard the saying, “Most sellers pass up the best offer (of the highest price and best terms).” And it’s true! Far too often, sellers will hold out for a certain dollar amount and pass up offers that might be their best bet. Unfortunately, this [...]

What Documentation Do I Need To Fly

We all know that you need a lot of stuff to fly on a regular flight – your passport, a visa for any overseas flights, extra documentation for your pets, baggage scan. So, what about private jets? Do you need all these things as well? Miami Jet is here to [...]

Royal Private Jet Struck By Lightning

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were travelling to Amsterdam for a private party that included different celebrities. They hired a luxurious Dassault Falcon 7X for the flight. In the midair, a sudden lightning struck the plane. It hit the aircraft’s nose cone – near plane’s radar navigation equipment. This lightning [...]

6 Reasons Why 95% Of All The

Imagine a plane. What color does it have it your imagination? The chances are it’s all white. Why? Because almost every plane and jet are using white paint. You may find different colors painted above the base – gold, silver, red and even pink. But the base itself will most [...]

Fastest Private Jets In The World In

Flying at multiple times the speed of a commercial passenger planes, these private jets reach unbelievable level of comfort and superiority in the sky. Let’s review the fastest ones in 2018. Gulfstream G550 Two Rolls Royce engines, the most thrust of any jet in its class – yes, we are [...]

6 Most Bizarre Private Jet Client Requests

The weirdest and most interesting private jet requests have been revealed by a private aviation company serving ultra-high net worth customers. Let’s take a look at how people have fun while flying private jets. One passenger flying from Europe to America with his dog requested that the pilot would land [...]

Meet Joe Hartmann – Miami Jets Newest

At Miami Jet, our team of pilots, marketers and aircraft sales agents are the backbone of our company. Our team makes us who we are, and it’s the Miami Jet team that is responsible for our top-notch customer service, and professional services that our clients have come to expect. Because [...]

Miami Jet Launches Pilot Referral Program

At Miami Jet, we know that pilots, mechanics and airport staff are the eyes and ears on the ground and in the pilot lounges and maintenance facilities of FBO’s. That means that they often hear about owners who are considering selling their aircraft, or those who are searching for a [...]

Ready to Upgrade Your Aircraft? Read These

We’ve heard from numerous business jet owners that 2018 is the year to replace your aircraft. The business jet market is skewing towards buyers with lower prices and more variety. Because of this, many current jet owners are upgrading to larger, newer pre-owned jets. However, when you’re considering replacing or [...]

DownRoute Wants to Make Hotel Booking Easier

Business Jet pilots, crew and passengers see almost as many hotel rooms as they do airport runways. In fact, industry experts say that on an average night as many as 30,000 business jet pilots and crew members are staying in hotel rooms, and that doesn’t even count the aircrafts passengers. [...]

Bombardier Releases FIRST Seating Innovation in Business

Bombardier Business Aircraft has just unveiled the Nuage, an industry changing seat on Bombardier's Global 7000 aircraft. This new design is the first new seat architecture in business aviation for 30 years! The seat features fluid lines, and is exceptionally crafted, allowing it's user to achieve maximum comfort in flight. Peter [...]

The Private Jet International Travel Checklist

We hear from our clients all the time that in addition to doing business domestically, one of the main draws to owning your own private jet is the ease of international travel (for business OR pleasure). By owning your own aircraft, you have significantly more freedom than the typical aircraft [...]

Cessna Unveils Quietest Cabin in Business Aviation

As the FAA and EASA certifications of the Citation Longitude loom ever closer, manufacturer Cessna is setting out to demonstrate just how quiet the aircraft's cabin is. Once certified and the first deliveries are made, the longitude will be the largest Citation to date, with a carrying capacity of up [...]

Business Jet Arena: Buyer or Sellers Market?

Whether you’re a prospective buyer or seller, you're probably feeling confused about the used business aircraft market over the past two years. There has been a flood of information lately, due to an array of value reports and forcasts, often providing conflicting data. Add in more detailed analysis from traditional [...]

Business Jet Market Transitions to Sellers Market

The preowned business jet market has been transitioning into a seller’s market since December, with inventory now at just 9.9 percent, below the 10 percent threshold of inventory for sale and significantly down from 11 percent in 2016, according to recently released data by JetNet, a provider of business aviation [...]

Trump’s Tax Overhaul will Positively Affect the

On December 22nd, 2017 President Donald Trump announced the new US tax reform, planning to bring the corporate tax down to 20% from its previous 30%. This decrease in corporate taxes will encourage all the billions of dollars American corporations are keeping overseas, to flow back into America, allowing these [...]

Leading Private Jet Provider Monarch, Now Accepting

In a move aimed to increase customer service, accessibility and customization of their service, Monarch Air Group has decided to accept Bitcoin payment. In a fast-paced market that's main goal is time-efficiency, private jet consumers cannot afford to limit themselves to standard banking hours. At least, thats what  Rishi Maharaj, [...]

Luxury Meets Efficiency: Private Flying

When you talk to people about flying on private aircraft, you often find yourself answering the same questions: “What are the advantages of flying on a private plane versus flying on a commercial airline?” and “Isn’t flying private considered a luxury?” There are tons of advantages to private jet travel. [...]

You Need a Private Jet and Here’s

There are about 5,000 airports in the United States of America but only 500 of them are accessible via commercial aircraft and out of those 500, only 70 offer frequent service. Even huge airports like Miami and Memphis have lost service as several major carriers have dehubbed. For smaller towns, [...]

9 Reasons to Choose Private Travel

There are a vast number of reasons why you should travel using private jets. We’ve compiled a list of the reasons we hear most often from our clients. Time saving - This is perhaps the most significant reasons for using private aircraft in your travels. Depending on your program your aircraft [...]

If You Own a BMW, You’ll Own

After 10 years of development and hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, the single-engine jet maker is ready to corner the private jet market, according to Cirrus co-founder and CEO Dale Klapmeier. At $2 million, almost 50% less than its nearest competition, the Vision Jet is an aircraft for [...]

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