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Our team of seasoned and experienced Aircraft Sales Specialists have years of experience in selling aircraft across the globe.  Our dedicated marketing team will get your aircraft in front of qualified potential buyers with our extensive marketing efforts. We can sell your aircraft fast and at the best price possible!



Miami is the world’s central gateway and the undisputed air traffic hub for international flights. Miami is also a major hub for flight training and MRO, and home to leading manufacturers of all types of aircraft and aircraft components. Miami is the perfect location for Miami Jet’s offices to better serve our clients.



We consult with financial institutions and industry analysts to provide our clients with the most in-depth market research in the aircraft industry. This gives our clients the best information and the most accurate data at the negotiating table. We get our clients the best price possible in their aircraft acquisition.

Perseverance, pride and professionalism create the right environment to provide outstanding service to aircraft buyers, sellers, financial institutions and insurance professionals.

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Our clients’ confidentiality is our top priority. We pride ourselves on our discretion. Your information, or information about your aircraft will never be shared with others. 

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