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Flying at multiple times the speed of a commercial passenger planes, these private jets reach unbelievable level of comfort and superiority in the sky. Let’s review the fastest ones in 2018.

  1. Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream G550 - Our List Of Top Speed Jets In The World In 2018Two Rolls Royce engines, the most thrust of any jet in its class – yes, we are talking about Gulfstream G550. With a Mach 0.885, the G550 has set city-pair world records in terms of speed. This means flights from London to Tokyo or Los Angeles, or Washington to Dubai are non-st [...]

The weirdest and most interesting private jet requests have been revealed by a private aviation company serving ultra-high net worth customers. Let’s take a look at how people have fun while flying private jets.

Most Bizarre Private Jet Client Requests - Client Stopped The Plane For His Dog

  1. One passenger flying from Europe to America with his dog requested that the pilot would land ahead of destination in order for his dog to “get some fresh air and walk around a bit”. The pilot actually did land and after a short stop, the man and his pet continued their flight to their final destination.
  2. One traveler ordered catering to his plane. The meal included gourmet sandwiches, many f [...]

Miami Jet - Jet Sales and Acquisitions - Aircraft Sales Contractors - Miami Jet Sales Associates At Miami Jet, our team of pilots, marketers and aircraft sales agents are the backbone of our company. Our team makes us who we are, and it’s the Miami Jet team that is responsible for our top-notch customer service, and professional services that our clients have come to expect. Because of this, we’re extremely excited to announce our latest addition to the Miami Jet team – Joe Hartmann.

Joe has years of experience with Dassualt Falcon Jets. Including the F10, F20, F50, F900,F2000,and F7X. He has direct working relationships with Dassault management, service and engineers in the USA headquarters. He has a thorough understanding of flight operations in pilot training and simulation with a

Private Jet Sales - Sell my Business Jet - Buy a Jet for my Business - Referrals for Aircraft SalesAt Miami Jet, we know that pilots, mechanics and airport staff are the eyes and ears on the ground and in the pilot lounges and maintenance facilities of FBO’s. That means that they often hear about owners who are considering selling their aircraft, or those who are searching for a new one. But you never thought that these passing conversations could turn into an actual payout! Miami Jet offers pilots, mechanics and airport staff the opportunity to earn real compensation when you provide information that leads to a sale brokered by us!

Aircraft Sales - Business Jet Acquisition - How to Sell my Plane - Aircraft BrokersWe’ve heard from numerous business jet owners that 2018 is the year to replace your aircraft. The business jet market is skewing towards buyers with lower prices and more variety. Because of this, many current jet owners are upgrading to larger, newer pre-owned jets. However, when you’re considering replacing or upgrading your aircraft – there are quite a few important factors to keep in mind:


Consider the Ownership of the Aircraft – You probably analyzed the ownership structure when the aircraft was first purchased. These decisions were based on regulatory rules, [...]

Business Jet pilots, crew and passengers see almost as many hotel rooms as they do airport runways. In fact, industry experts say that on an average night as many as 30,000 business jet pilots and crew members are staying in hotel rooms, and that doesn’t even count the aircrafts passengers.

Many operators managing these aircraft state that making these bookings are a huge hassle. And the team at DownRoute says that they know how to fix it.

Andy Hudson, founder of DownRoute, encountered this issue while working for an operator. Noting that the issue was a main focus particularly in the summer, when prices for hotels were higher, but business margins were not very large.

He stated that most operators initially book hotels online, but eventually move towards using a travel agent. Both options are extremely time c [...]

Bombardier Business Aircraft has just unveiled the Nuage, an industry changing seat on Bombardier’s Global 7000 aircraft. This new design is the first new seat architecture in business aviation for 30 years! The seat features fluid lines, and is exceptionally crafted, allowing it’s user to achieve maximum comfort in flight.

Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketig at Bombardier Business Aircraft says that the design team examined every possible need of a potential passenger and used that data as a launchpad for the initial design process. With that information, they were able to craft a seat unlike any other – the most innovative aircraft seat in over three decades. The Nuage offers an unprecedented balance of comfort and control never before seen in the interior of a business jet. The Nuage is b [...]

We hear from our clients all the time that in addition to doing business domestically, one of the main draws to owning your own private jet is the ease of international travel (for business OR pleasure). By owning your own aircraft, you have significantly more freedom than the typical aircraft renter. You don’t have to deal with the mountains of flying club paperwork and you’re free to explore the skies to your hearts desire. There are thousands of airports in the US where you can land and even more are available internationally. There are many advanced skills that you are required to learn in order to make international trips in your private aircraft, but the challenge is certainly worth pursuing.

If you possess these skills already, we have provided a list of some of the most important items you

As the FAA and EASA certifications of the Citation Longitude loom ever closer, manufacturer Cessna is setting out to demonstrate just how quiet the aircraft’s cabin is.

Once certified and the first deliveries are made, the longitude will be the largest Citation to date, with a carrying capacity of up to 12 passengers. With just four passengers aboard, the aircraft boasts a minimum range of 3,500nm.

Manufacturer Cessna recently took Corporate Jet Investor, a publication geared toward business aviation news, on a one-hour flight, leaving from Farnborough, then swooping south towards Southampton and finally climbing back up the country and over to south Wales, returning to Farnborough.

The aircraft that they f [...]

Whether you’re a prospective buyer or seller, you’re probably feeling confused about the used business aircraft market over the past two years. There has been a flood of information lately, due to an array of value reports and forcasts, often providing conflicting data. Add in more detailed analysis from traditional market data providers and the gap gray area of information becomes large enough to fly a fleet of used Challenger 600’s through.

But as the 10th anniversary of the aircraft market meltdown (2008) fast approaches, the pre-owned business jet arena dutifully continued its search for stability and positive indicators, while observing falling values with stubborn optimism. Aircraft value tracker Vref put it perfectly in their 3rd q [...]

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